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Tour Membership

For 2024, all IPGA members will save $25 per event. 

Regular Stroke Play Entry Fee:

  • $150 - Non Member

  • $125 - IPGA Member


Membership Fees:

A membership fee is charged per facility, and based on the number of Professionals you would like covered as members. Pricing is as follows:

  • 1 Professional - $100

  • 2 Professionals - $175

  • 3+ Professionals - $250



Example: If Bushwood CC has 4 Professionals, but only 2 regularly play IPGA events, they can elect for the 2 Pro membership of $175. This will cover these 2 Pro's as members for the entire season. If a different pro from Bushwood decides to play an event, they would be subject to the non member entry fee.

Membership Registration

Thanks for registering! An invoice will be emailed in the next few days

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