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By registering for an event, the golfer agrees to abide by all terms and conditions of the Interior PGA policies & procedures.

Registration policy/Event Pre-Payment

Registration may NOT be accepted verbally, by email or though any form of social media. To register, please do so through Golf Genius. Priority will be given to IPGA members and PGA of Canada members in good standing. Individual Match Play priority is given to the previous years top 16 in the Order of Merit. 2-Pro Match Play event is open to the first 16 teams to register.


All golfers will be required to pre-pay for an event in order to be added to the confirmed event roster. You will not be confirmed into any IPGA event without a pre-payment. Any golfer who pre-pays, and cancels their entry into an event before Fridays draw is posted will be able to receive a 100% refund on their entry fee. Any questions or concerns feel free to contact IPGA Tour Commissioner Austin Bosquet at


Late Withdrawl/No Show/Cancellation Policy

The draw for each event will be released the Friday before Mondays event. Any withdraws from an event after the Draw has been released, will be subject to paying 50% of the entry fee for that event. The same will result in the case of a No Show for any event.


Pace of Play

Each golf course has a required pace of play, if this pace is not met and it is deemed that a group/player is hindering this pace, each of the following can occur:

1st Offence: Official warning​

2nd Offence: Two Stroke Penalty

3rd Offence: Disqualification from event

The Interior PGA will have a designated marshall for each event that will continually be checking on groups pace of play.

In the case where individuals causing a group to be slow cannot be determined, the entire group will receive the warning.


Female Competitors

Female competitors participating in Tour events will be allowed to play from a forward tees in which the yardage is approximately 10% less than the tees used by the Male competitors.



Ties for first place will be final other than in the Tour Championship where a playoff will be required if daylight permits. All other ties will remain split prize money and points.



By entering an event on the Interior PGA Tour, you agreed to adhere to the Rules of Golf, PGA of Canada’s Code of Professional Practice and IPGA Tour’s policies and procedures as stated above and throughout this website. 

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